The Old Gods

The Old Gods are the mythological creators of the world of Zoltea. Some stories describe them as one god with three faces, and others say they are three separate gods. Either way, they have three names and three roles.


Void created the fabric of the universe. Before there was Void there was nothing. He was impartial and favored neither matter nor magic nor the lives of spirits.


Oceanus created the world ocean, a thing of great beauty and destructive potential. Oceanus reveled in the power of the seas he created, celebrating their savage swells and admiring the way their spray caught the light.


Anima is the mother of all living things on Zoltea. She created the land from which the first life sprung, spreading throughout the world. For countless ages she feuded with Oceanus, her love of creation pitted against his admiration of destruction.

The Old Gods

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