What will the horizon bring?

Zoltea. This is a world of ocean breezes and endless horizons. Long ago, according to legend, the ancient inhabitants of this world lived in glittering cities built on the shoulders of great mountains soaring out of the sea. Trade flourished between the myriad city states: elves spread knowledge and magic throughout the world; dwarves, deep inside their snow-clad mountain halls, mined wealth from the heart of the earth; humans built fleets to explore the farthest corners of the world. This is what the legends say.

Today, our cities and towns float on vast rafts, drifting along the currents of this water world. The ancient mountaintop cities, if they ever truly existed, have long since been lost to time, and only the bards remember them. Pirates ply the open seas, preying on small towns and merchant vessels. Explorers search the ocean for any small islands with timber to sustain the rafts and ships of Zoltea.

Yes, this is a world of desperation and sacrifice, but it is also a place of great beauty. Each night the stars shine spectacularly in the sky, as the backbone of night wheels overhead. The sunrises are rose pink and the sunsets are fire gold. And the sound of the sea lapping against the edges of towns and the undersides of houses calms even the most turbulent nerves.

Azure Horizon

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