Notes on Rules

Pathfinder RPG

Azure Horizon is built on the Pathfinder RPG system, which is a variant of the open source d20 rules. A detailed and complete set of system reference documents is available here.

The core rulebook, which I highly recommend, is also available from Amazon.

Tips for players:

  • When writing your character’s backstory, keep in mind his or her present motivation and any events that may have contributed to that. Why do you want what you want?
  • Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate are nice and all, but getting the skill across in your roleplaying is more rewarding in terms of gameplay. And I tend to be rather generous in my roleplay XP awards. ♡
  • If you think any rule is unfair just tell me why and I’ll try to figure out how to work around it you special snowflake. Have a sticker.

Notes on Rules

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